Kids Dentistry

Kids Dentistry

Infant oral examination

We will perform a thorough examination of your baby’s newly exposed teeth, gums and rest of the mouth, inspecting for any signs of disease or other problems. This early dental assessment helps in detecting and preventing any dental disease at the initial stage and helps to foster oral health over a lifetime.

Educating and Habit controlling

Caring for a Child’s teeth is different from how parents take care of their own teeth At our child Dental Care Solution in Lucknow we provide proper guidance to both parent and child. Dental Care Solution practices like brushing, flossing, and proper nutrition are also inculcated and kids are motivated by our child Dental Care Solution experts.

As a parent, you must give attention to the little oral habits that your child is developing and talk about it with our experts. at first glance, you might think of them as mundane but it is always good to take an expert’s opinion on the impact a habit can have on your child’s overall health in future.

For example, Thumbsucking – It is a natural reflex of children . not just thumb, the things that go in your child’s mouth can range from pacifiers to toy parts. by doing this they feel safe happy and it’s their way to learn more about their surroundings, sucking also helps them to soothe the itching of erupting teeth. By far this may look a small, non-harmful, sometimes even cute act of baby, mostly every baby. But if this habit is not stopped at the right time, (i.e. when the primary teeth start emerging) the vigorous sucking can hamper in the development of primary teeth and Proper growth of the mouth and alignment of the teeth. In many cases, this habit can cause the irregular roof of the mouth. our team of Dental Care Solution will assist you and be in touch with you, should you need any assistance in future.

Orthodontic Assessment and treatment for teeth straightening and perfecting improper bite

Proper alignment of teeth results in a healthier mouth, a pleasing appearance and teeth that are more likely last whole lifetime. The earlier the alignment is corrected the better it would be for the future development and confidence of a child. We provide best dental treatment for children.

Tooth cavity and decay repair

Even after taking due care, child somehow develops a decay or cavity. The experts of the dental clinic are fully prepared to alleviate the pain of your baby.

Proper management of gum diseases and conditions including Ulcers, mucoceles etc

Analyzing oral health for the symptoms of diseases associated with oral health like Asthma, hay fever, diabetes, attention deficit, intestinal disorders , throat infections etc. we at our Dental Care Solution in Lucknow have the specialties in handling these conditions with utmost care.

Attending dental injuries like fractured, displaced or knocked-out teeth

Childhood is a havoc of activity, As babies become toddlers, the risk of dental injury increases and sometimes teeth get chipped, knocked out, or even totally damaged, and it takes a professional care like ours, to get things back in order. our team of best pediatric dentist in Lucknow would be delighted to help get your child’s beautiful smile back.