Post & Core

Post & Core

Sometimes, teeth have large pieces missing, which are felt by many. It may be due to the loss of a filling, a fracture or a case of root canal treatment or the creation of way in the cavity.

What is the core?

The core placements are a method during which a dentist replaces the missing tooth formation in preparation for a dental crown. This procedure creates a good foundation for the restoration of the teeth in a new way. Well, a core can be made with any sort of dental restorative or metal filling material or with dental composite for proper function of it.

What is a post?

In case of post, it is required to support the anchoring of the core of the tooth. If there is more than half left, a core by itself will almost certainly be enough. Overall, the post doesnt reinforce the teeth, but plays a chief role in strengthening the core in its place.

When the dentist is performing a post and a core, the first action is the use of drill to create a space in alignment with any of the root canals which were filled during the time of sealing a tooths portion which is known as endodontic treatment.