What is Retainers.

An orthodontic retainer is an appliance (usually a removable one) that is to be worn after removal of your orthodontic brackets and wire – i.e. when the treatment is over. When your orthodontic treatment is over and braces are removed – your teeth has a tendency to come back to their original tooth position (before treatment tooth position). Retainers help to prevent this tooth movement to happen. Our clinic Dental Care Solution in Lucknow can give all types of orthodontic retainers you like to have. We give both removable and fixed retainers to our orthodontic patients.

Main function of a retainer is to hold the teeth in there new position till the time they get settled in there new dental position. After we move your teeth in orthodontic treatment, we need time for re-calcification to jaw bone around the teeth. For that we need to hold the teeth for that specific time – and for this only we need a retainer……. The length of time a retainer has to be used by the patient depends on how severe the mal-occlusion was.